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The C&A Growth to Goal Model

What are your business goals and how do you plan to get there? Our unique Growth to Goal model helps organizations set reachable objectives and map out how to achieve them. 

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Grow your business with clear-cut strategy.

Businesses often grow in a silo, which leads to missed opportunities and failed goals. Although every business presents a unique set of hurdles, many of the techniques used to overcome them are universal. At Cunningham & Associates, we work with you to assess your current valuation and take your business from Growth to Goal.

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Getting Started

We'll guide you from assessment to implementation.

Our Growth to Goal model is a clear-cut road map that businesses in any industry can follow to achieve their short-term and long-term objectives. We operate on a fixed-fee model so our clients know exactly what to expect upfront. And given our results-oriented approach, we're always working toward implementation solutions that benefit our clients for the long haul.

From Growth to Goal, we'll get you there.

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Step 1: Assessment

We identify the gap between your business’s current and potential valuation, goals, and success measures.

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Step 2: People & Processes

We match the right people to the right roles, analyze systems and processes, and identify management coaching opportunities.

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Step 3: Strategy

We ensure your mission and strategic plan align, determine the viability of your plan, and then find and secure the funds.

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Step 4: Implementation

We provide support and training by implementing your new team structure, processes, and initiatives. 

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Step 5: Results

We monitor your KPIs and rapidly adapt and adjust if changes or updates are required. 


Step 6: Reward

We realize an increased enterprise value and the ability to move toward continuous improvement and growth, succession or sale pending.

Get ahead with our training & consulting services.

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Tax Incentives

We assess your business's current valuation and implement tax incentives to help you reach your potential valuation.

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Federal & State Funding

We leverage federal and state funding to inform your business growth strategy.

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Tax Reduction

We track, monitor, and control your results based on measurable tax savings.

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Future Growth

We help increase your business's value and move toward continued growth, sale, or succession planning. 

Discover our Growth to Goal model.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“With Cunningham and Associates, you won’t just be in safe hands—you’ll save your money, too!

M. R.

"Thanks to them, we were able to get the funds we needed to reinvest in our business. They stand behind their work and take pride in helping clients. Highly recommend.”

R. R.

"Their dedicated tax specialist worked closely with us, and everything was communicated, managed, and reviewed properly. Every question we had, they returned to us right away and made sure we fully understood the process."

S. F.

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