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Cunningham & Associates

Cunningham & Associates is a licensed, professional specialty financial services firm that offers high-level business tax consultancy services. 

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Working Together for Your Future

Cunningham & Associates is proud to provide top-notch tax, training, and consulting services. We're a relationship-based firm that aims to fully understand your goals and help you achieve them. 

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Growth to Goal

Let us help you develop a well-defined road map to successfully achieve the ultimate goal you’re looking for from your business.

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Transactional Planning

We'll help you identify and strategize all legal aspects of your individual or corporate transactions to maximize your tax savings.

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Business Valuation

We'll analyze your assets, liabilities, and equity to determine your company's value and help you make informed decisions about your future.

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Tax Strategies

Our knowledgeable experts help you to effectively identify tax strategies to grow your business and scale for the future.

Our Services

Employee Retention Tax Credit

Many employers who received a PPP loan are also eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). Find out if you qualify by exploring our ERTC services.

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Do You Qualify?

Find out if your business qualifies for the ERTC.
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ERTC Deadlines

We'll let you know exactly when and how to file.
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Business Valuations

How much is your business worth today? Learn more about business valuation factors you can calculate for selling, buying, merger, and appraisal purposes.

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Fair Market Value

We'll help determine the fair market value by calculating all assets, liabilities, and equity.
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Looking to Sell Your Business?

We'll help you understand the value of your company.
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Cost Segregation

Maximize your cost savings and minimize your tax liability. Our team of certified tax advisors will walk you through a cost segregation analysis of your business.

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Cost Segregation Analysis

Accelerate depreciation deductions, reduce your tax bill, and increase savings.
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Commercial Real Estate

Learn about property assets and construction-related expenditures that qualify for accelerated depreciation.
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How Will You Benefit?

Find out how cost segregation can increase your business' cash flow.
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R&D Tax Credit

R&D tax credits are federal (state) tax incentives used to promote domestic innovation and production. Learn more to see if you qualify for the R&D tax credit. 

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Research & Development

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from these tax credits to lower their income tax liability.
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R&D Tax Calculator

Find out exactly how much you may be eligible for in credits.
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Transactional Planning

Plan for your business's future with strategic insights from tax experts when it comes to succession planning, estate planning, and sales & acquisitions. 

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Traditional Financial Planning

Explore costs saving measures for your financial future.
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Quick Cash Flow Planning

Identify opportunities to maximize your savings and reduce overhead costs.
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Sales & Acquisition

Strategize the sales & acquisition of your business or business assets.
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Other Planning Services

Learn more about our complete list of transactional planning services and cost-saving measures.
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Training & Consulting

Take your business from Growth to Goal by assessing your current tax strategy, exploring corporate tax benefits, and implementing tax reduction strategies today.

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Growth to Goal

Let our Growth to Goal model help your business achieve its revenue goals.
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Organizational Development

Our consultants identify areas of improvement through observation, research, and interviews.
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Realignment and Recovery

We'll assess the current health of your financial and operational processes to build a better plan for the future.
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Our Approach

At Cunningham and Associates, we care about more than just business. Our team devotes hundreds of hours to community service each year, and we make sure to show our gratitude by giving generously to charitable foundations.


Serve our clients.

We value our clients and the businesses they represent. We treat them like family and always make sure we're offering the most helpful financial advice available. 


Give back to the community.

We value the communities we serve. That's why we're committed to giving back through charitable donations and community service. 


Expand our impact.

Tax laws and economics can change. That's why we pride ourselves on staying educated and knowledgeable. We ensure that we're well-versed in ever-changing local, state, and federal tax regulations, along with strategies like cost segregation or research and development credits. 

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Industries We Serve

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Real Estate

We help commercial and residential real estate owners obtain significant tax deductions through cost segregation.

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We make sure you're taking advantage of government incentive programs and research and development tax credits.

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Leverage tax planning and business growth strategies designed specifically for architecture firms.

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We teach CPAs about less common tax-saving tools that help them establish meaningful business partnerships with clients.

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Maximize your returns by issuing claims for research and development tax credits for design- and development-related projects.

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Software and Technology

Claim tax credits for eligible aspects of software development and testing, coding, programming, and more.

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Apply for qualifying manufacturing expenses including new or improved solutions, parts or products, supplies for testing, and more.

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Does your business qualify for the ERTC?

Was your company impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? We can help you claim up to $5,000 per quarter for each employee during 2020 and up to $21,000 in 2021.

What Makes Us Different

We're more than just financial advisors. We prioritize forming lifelong partnerships to help you achieve your financial goals. 

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  • Listen to our clients' goals
  • Work alongside our clients and their professional advisors
  • Identify best tax-saving strategies
  • Help clients seamlessly implement strategies
  • Update financial goals as needed
  • Operate on a fixed fee
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  • Impersonal
  • Won't factor in specific client needs
  • May have outdated knowledge
  • Won't adjust goals as needed

By the Numbers


C&A helped a commercial installation business receive over $140,000 in ERTCs.


A kayak rental business received over $200,000 in ERTCs with the help of C&A.


C&A helped a non-profit organization obtain over $5 million in ERTCs.


An HVAC mechanical company saved over $120,000 with the R&D tax credits.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Everyone I dealt with during the process was great and it was not complicated, nothing I can say except keep up the great work!!"


"I handled all the paperwork for this process and felt the whole thing was done really efficiently. I appreciated the helpfulness and explanations for things every step of the way."


"I’m happy to say that you all made the ERTC process smooth and easy for us. Thanks again for your help! "


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Ready to explore tax strategies for your business growth? We're here to help. We believe in better outcomes for brighter financial futures. Schedule a free consultation with our team to begin the process today.