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Research & Development Tax Credits

Innovate. Invest. Grow.

The R&D Tax Credit was designed to incentivize American innovation. 

At C&A, we have helped hundreds of companies breaking new ground or improving the performance, functionality, reliability, or quality of their products or processes.  

Plus, our experience allows us to execute this work at a fraction of the cost of other national firms.


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Recent Work: Architecture Firm

C&A analyzed our client's investments and identified qualified investments into design, 3D modeling and value engineering.
We also reviewed subcontractor expenses and found additional qualified expenses for even more savings.

Result: $300,000 in savings



Credit Management

Ensuring that businesses optimize their Research and Development (R&D) investments by conducting an annual analysis to identify, track, and maximize R&D tax credits for eligible activities.

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New Claims

We specialize in streamlining the entire R&D Tax Credit process, from identifying eligible activities, and gathering necessary documentation, to submitting claims. Our goal is to make it effortless and budget-friendly for you.

What Qualifies as R&D for Tax Credit Purposes?

R&D activities encompass the development or improvement of new products, processes, or technologies. Qualifying activities typically include experimentation, testing, and activities aimed at resolving scientific or technological challenges.

Who Qualifies for R&D Tax Credits?

Research and Development R&D tax credits are designed to encourage innovation and technological advancements across various industries. Examples of businesses we have worked with include Software and Technology, Biotech and Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Engineering, Healthcare and Medical Research, Agriculture and Food Processing, Energy and Clean Technology, Financial Services and Fintech, Architecture and Engineering Services, and others.

Can Startups and Small Businesses Claim R&D Tax Credits?

Absolutely! In fact, even if you are pre-revenue you can offset payroll tax! A "Qualified Small Business" refers to any company that has generated revenues for no more than 5 years and has an annual revenue of less than $5 million, while also engaging in qualifying research activities and expenditures. An early-stage company with employees who contribute to research or technology development is an ideal candidate.

What Information Do I Need to File?

We will help you compile and document everything you need. Documentation typically includes project descriptions, records of expenses, time-tracking for employees involved in R&D, and other relevant documentation demonstrating the qualifying activities.

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What does the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act mean for R&D Credits?

The new bill is full of benefits for American business and could make R&D credits even more impactful.

Are you qualified for or unhappy with the guidance you are getting on R&D credits?

15 Minutes Could Have a Huge Impact.

Contact us to set up a brief, 15-minute conversation with our team. We will be able to quickly identify opportunities to explore for R&D credits.

In our effort to empower the taxpayer, we've helped thousands of clients across the country reduce their tax liability.

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What our clients say about C&A.

"They coach business owners to really implement critical strategies…they can look at your operation, figure out your returns, and then figure out the efficiencies that you can implement in order to save money."

Jonas Angus, President, TPE Solutions




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If you're a business owner, our team can help you plan for and take advantage of tax credits and deductions that can save you thousands in taxes. Set up a time to talk with one of our licensed tax experts today.

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