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Business Valuation

Do you know the true value of your business?

98% of Business Owners Don't.

You know the value of your home, your investment portfolio, even your car, but do you know the value of your most valuable asset, your business? If you don't have this information, how do you make decisions related to investing in your business or planning for exit?

If you don't have a proper business valuation, you need one, now.


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Business Valuation Checklist

Our comprehensive business valuation checklist contains all the necessary information you'll need to begin to assess the value of your company.

You cannot afford to operate without a sense of the worth of your most valuable asset.

Download our Business Valuation Checklist



Risks of Not Having a Proper Business Valuation


Losses At Exit

If you’re negotiating a sale, you’re at a significant disadvantage if you don’t know your business's true worth

Inability To Secure Financing

Buyers rely on business valuations to secure financing. Lenders assess creditworthiness and deal viability. Without a valuation, obtaining financing will be more challenging and likely come with less favorable terms.

Succession Issues

An inaccurate valuation may result in an unfair distribution of assets among family members and make finding a suitable successor challenging.

Severe Tax Penalties

Inaccurate valuations can lead to incorrect tax filings, resulting in legal issues and financial penalties.

Missed Opportunities

Failing to understand value will lead to missed opportunities for growth, investment, or partnerships. A proper valuation can uncover hidden assets and potential avenues for development.

Inability to Attract Investors

A business valuation report provides investors with the necessary information to assess the worth of the business and make an informed investment decision. 

What our clients say about C&A.

"They coach business owners to really implement critical strategies…they can look at your operation, figure out your returns, and then figure out the efficiencies that you can implement in order to save money."

Jonas Angus, President, TPE Solutions





If you're a business owner, our team can help you plan for and take advantage of tax credits and deductions that can save you thousands in taxes. Set up a time to talk with one of our licensed tax experts today.

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