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Expertise Time Value

The C&A Partner Coaliton

Don't Let Your Relationships End Where Your Time And Expertise Do

It's a simple equation.

Your clients measure your work based on the value you deliver. Far too often that value is limited only by the time you have to research proactive strategies for your clients.

The C&A Partner Coalition has helped hundreds of professional advisors grow their client base and expand their client relationships through strategic tax advisory that reduces their client's taxes and helps them preserve their wealth.

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Grow Your Business, Protect Your Relationships

Your time is limited and finite. We created the C&A Coalition to help our partner's resources feel infinite. 

Professional Services are increasingly competitive and your clients are looking for proactivity, depth, and responsiveness. The C&A Coalition is designed to provide a bench of licensed tax reduction specialists and add significant value to your service offering.


Professional Services Firms We Support

Cunningham & Associates Coalition members benefit from our team's expertise in tax advisory, estate planning, transaction advisory services, and wealth management.


CPAs & Accounting

Partner with us to help research and implement specialty tax strategies for your clients.


Increase your value to your clients, and help them reduce their taxes to invest in plans and coverage.



Tax advice for your clients that minimizes liabilities and supports them in achieving their financial goals.

Wealth Management

Help your clients keep more of what they earn and increase investable assets.


Real Estate

Help your clients make better real estate investment decisions from purchase to eventual sale.

C&A Coalition

C&A Coalition Model

How our partnerships work

Stay focused on your core business and let us help you develop valuable, proactive recommendations that deliver huge incremental value to your clients and strengthen your relationship.

  • Our model is zero-displacement, we augment, we don't replace
  • You and your team will have a direct line to experienced tax professionals
  • Access to exclusive content, insights and tools from C&A
  • We will develop a referral fee structure that fits your business model

Services We Provide Coalition Partners:

Specialty Tax

Expert guidance to navigate complex tax regulations, minimize tax liabilities and stay ahead of tax law changes.

  • R&D Credits
  • Cost Segregation
  • 179D
  • 45L
  • Automatic Accounting Changes
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Tax Consulting

Highly valuable organizational strategy, planning, and training.

  • Income Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Entity Restructuring
  • SECURE 2.0 Plan Optimization
  • Balanced Compensation Advisory
  • Valuation for Tax 
  • Passive Investment Strategies
  • Pass-Through Taxation Enhancement

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Wealth Management

Tax strategy, planning advice, and financial products for clients to grow and preserve their wealth while achieving their financial goals.

  • 401(k) Optimization for Tax Credits
  • Cash Balance Pension Plans
  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Executive Benefits Planning

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Risk Management

Highly valuable organizational strategy, planning, and financial products.

  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Asset Valuation Services
  • Tax Liability Risk Mitigation
  • Buy/Sell Review & Implementation
  • SPE & Trust Utilization
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Exit Planning

Support your clients during mergers, acquisitions, or other significant financial transactions to help them make informed decisions.

  • Succession Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre & Post Transaction Tax Planning
  • Tax Restructuring
  • Business Valuations

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Estate Planning

Minimizing the tax liabilities associated with transferring assets to beneficiaries.

  • Estate Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Freezing Techniques
  • Estate Reduction Techniques
  • Legacy Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • SPE & Trust Structuring

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Apply To Become A Coalition Partner

Grow your firm, offer your clients  more

Coalition partner benefits:

  • On-demand access to licensed tax professionals
  • Access to exclusive content and training
  • No cost ongoing Continuing Professional Education and networking events
  • Land and expand support for new clients

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