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Advanced Accounting Changes & Elections

Are Your Accounting Practices Costing You Money?

As a business owner, it's your responsibility to run your business efficiently to maximize revenue. You continuously evaluate costs, processes, and your competition. 

Most business owners overlook their accounting policies as part of this evaluation, it's a costly mistake.


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Automatic Accounting Changes: Did You Know?

  • There are over 200 automatic accounting method elections that make up hundreds of pages in the tax code and they are constantly being updated.
  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) increased eligibility for many small businesses. 
  • Changing your accounting policies requires a thoughtful assessment and analysis to understand short and long-term impacts.
  • The team at C&A has helped hundreds of companies optimize their accounting policies and reduce their taxes.


Is Your Tax Position Optimized?

15 Minutes Could Have a Huge Impact

Contact us to set up a brief, 15-minute conversation with our team. We will be able to quickly identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability and position you and your family for a better future.

In our effort to empower the taxpayer, we've helped thousands of clients across the country reduce their tax liability.

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automatic accounting changes

Tax Advantages of Automatic Accounting Changes

By implementing automatic accounting changes, you can realize substantial tax savings by lowering taxable income and deferring tax liabilities. Learn more about automatic accounting changes, how they can benefit your business, and what you might be missing.

What our clients say about C&A.

"They coach business owners to really implement critical strategies…they can look at your operation, figure out your returns, and then figure out the efficiencies that you can implement in order to save money."

Jonas Angus, President, TPE Solutions




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If you're a business owner, our team can help you plan for and take advantage of tax credits and deductions that can save you thousands in taxes. Set up a time to talk with one of our licensed tax experts today.