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Advanced Exit Planning

You cannot wait until you're ready to exit to plan for it.

80% of business owners have their wealth tied to their business and most have done no formal exit planning.*

50% of business exits are involuntary due to changes in personal or professional situations.*

100% will exit.

Think about that. Leaving your legacy and your family's future to chance or in the hands of the federal government, whether your exit comes in 20 years or unexpectedly. 

Your business is your most valuable asset, you need a plan to protect it.

*Exit Planning Institute


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Recent Work: Roofing Contractor

30 year old roofing company whose owners were beginning to plan for an exit. However, they had a large portfolio of assets that were not well protected from tax liability. C&A developed a comprehensive exit plan that included an entity restructure, asset protection plan and accelerated depreciation strategy. 

Result: $1.2 MM in savings in year one


Roof shingles

Risks Of Neglecting To Plan For Exit Include:


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Significant Loss of Personal Wealth

Without an exit plan, your business's financial stability can directly impact your personal finances, including income decrease, investment loss, or even personal bankruptcy.


Lack of Control and Decreased Value

You risk losing control and decreasing the value of your business without an exit plan, making it less attractive to potential buyers or investors.


Limited Options

Having an exit plan helps you stay in control of how and when you access your business liquidity. Without one, you may be forced to exit quickly, resulting in limited options and lower returns.


Succession Failure

Without an exit plan, disputes among family members or business partners can result in the dissolution of your business.

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What is a business exit strategy and why is it so important?

A business exit plan protects business owners, the enterprises they run, the board members they serve, the employees who work for them, and any other individuals who may have invested in the organization.

Have you planned for exit? Now is the time.

15 Minutes Could Have a Huge Impact.

Contact us to set up a brief, 15-minute conversation with our team. We will be able to quickly identify opportunities to set you and your business up for a seamless, lucrative exit.

In our effort to empower the taxpayer, we've helped thousands of clients across the country reduce their tax liability.

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What our clients say about C&A.

"They coach business owners to really implement critical strategies…they can look at your operation, figure out your returns, and then figure out the efficiencies that you can implement in order to save money."

Jonas Angus, President, TPE Solutions




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If you're a business owner, our team can help you plan for and take advantage of tax credits and deductions that can save you thousands in taxes. Set up a time to talk with one of our licensed tax experts today.

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