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Industries We Serve

We've worked with hundreds of clients just like you. From manufacturing and engineering industries to architecture and real estate, our tax experts can help. Learn more about the industries we serve. 

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Work with tax experts who understand your industry.

Cunningham & Associates is proud to provide top-notch financial, tax, training, and consulting services. We're a different kind of firm. We focus on developing personal partnerships and will work alongside your business to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. 

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We'll identify your greatest savings opportunities.

To begin, we schedule a discovery call to understand your needs and identify opportunities to increase your savings. Then, we analyze your credentials and assess your financial situation. Finally, we meet again to discuss our findings and take the next steps toward scaling your business and maximizing your earnings. 

By the Numbers


C&A helped a commercial installation business save over $140,000 in ERTCs.


A kayak rental business saved over $200,000 in ERTCs with the help of C&A.


C&A helped a non-profit organization obtain over $5 million in ERTCs.


A plumbing and heating contractor saved over $120,000 with R&D tax credits.
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Case Study

Construction Industry Client Obtains Over Half a Million Dollars in ERTCs

The COVID-19 pandemic obliterated many companies’ revenues. Supply chain problems, forced shutdowns, and labor shortages have resulted in a whopping 78 percent of contractors experiencing project delays. 

As we survey the damage today, businesses in all industries must take advantage of every avenue to make up the shortfalls and get back on their feet. Recently, we helped a client in the construction industry obtain over half a million dollars in ERTC.

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Case Study

Architecture and Engineering Client Saves Over $500,000

Without the help of an experienced tax expert, many businesses overpay on their taxes. Although the IRS tax code is a complex and intimidating beast, it offers many creative ways to lower an organization’s tax burden. However, companies can’t take advantage of these cost-saving secrets if they don’t know they exist in the first place. 

At Cunningham and Associates, we’ve helped many organizations in various industries save thousands with R&D tax credits. The star in our latest success story is a member of the architecture and engineering industry. 

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Case Study

C&A Helps a Non-Profit Organization Obtain Over $5 Million in ERTCs

Even essential businesses experienced pandemic-related disruptions to their operations in 2020-2021. For our non-profit client, this was their reality. Find out how they obtained over $5 million in ERTCs with the help of the C&A tax experts. 

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Case Study

Kayak Rental Business Saves Over $200,000 in ERTCs with C&A

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted virtually every business, regardless of industry or size. One of our clients, a kayak rental business, came to us for guidance on obtaining employee retention tax credits for 2020-2021. Discover how C&A made a massive difference for this client.

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Apartment complex
Case Study

Property Management Client Claims Over $7.5 Million in ERTCs

Sixty-seven percent of property managers claim the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted their business. Social distancing measures, rent moratoriums, and the move from commercial office spaces to work-from-home arrangements significantly affected balance sheets across the industry. In addition, partial and total office closures seriously curtailed revenue streams. 

One of our property management clients was grappling with these issues and came to us for help obtaining Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTCs). 

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Partner with our team of certified tax professionals today. We'll show you exactly how you can increase savings and optimize business growth potential with proven tax strategies.