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Many businesses will meet the qualification criteria, so don’t leave this money on the table.
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Don't Miss to Claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit!

With modifications to the CARES Act, most, if not all, businesses now meet the qualification criteria for the ERTC.

Even if you received PPP funds, you could take advantage of the increased savings with the Employee Retention Credit for 2020 and 2021.

Filing deadlines are quickly approaching. Don't leave this money on the table!

We Work Closely with You and Help You Build Stronger Client Relationships

CPAs, your clients come to you for help in lowering their tax burdens and gaining the confidence they need to grow and thrive in their businesses. Trust is big in this industry. Having inside knowledge on less-common tax-saving vehicles can help you forge close, years’ long business relationships with your clients and grow your referral network.

At Cunnigham and Associates, we work closely with CPAs and give them that inside knowledge to not only grow their clients’ businesses but their own CPA firms.
As tax practitioners, we understand the busy season’s grind and the demands on today’s CPA. Our dual focus working with CPAs is making your lives easier and providing seamless service to your clients, making YOU look like rock stars.

Fixed-Fee R&D Credit Management Services

Our unique approach helps our clients recognize savings faster while saving 25-60% compared to fees at national firms.

✓ Experts in the Tax Credit Field
✓ Professional, efficient and responsive
✓ 100% accurate and on-time work
✓ Fixed fee
✓ 100% compliant with all IRS audit techniques
✓ Ongoing support of senior staff in case of an audit
✓ We help you bring increased value to your clients, solidify existing relationships and secure recurring work

Don’t Have Time and Resources to Document R&D Tax Credits for Your Clients?

The tax clients expect CPAs to provide guidance and advice that lead them to business growth. Many CPAs focus on performing tax accounting only as protocol demands and overlook tax incentives such as R&D Tax Credits that are a great way to put cash flow back into the business and minimize the tax burden.

As a CPA, you don’t necessarily need to be an R&D tax credit expert; that is what companies like Cunningham & Associates can help you with. However, you should have a basic understanding of the process and know if the client is taking part in research activities that may qualify them for the tax credit. Our partner Ryan Foley breaks it down for you.

*Recorded November 2020

How to Build Your CPA Business with R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax credits give you an excellent opportunity to offer additional, valuable services for your clients. CPAs who understand how to qualify and obtain R&D tax credits can help their clients get the max ROI while maintaining IRS compliance.

Partnering with an R&D expert means you can offer this additional service while protecting your staff from engaging in labor-intensive documentation required to obtain the credits.

At Cunningham and Associates, we offer our CPA partners an unparalleled combination of R&D tax credit expertise and resources. As such, we make it easy for you and your clients to obtain these tax credits with a streamlined, predictable, and reliable service you can count on.

Check out our guide below for step-by-step instructions on expanding your firm’s offerings with R&D tax credits.

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