Commercial Real Estate Tax Planning Strategies

Most, if not all, businesses will meet the qualification criteria, so don’t leave this money on the table.
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If you’re a business owner considering a succession plan sometime in the future, there is a significant opportunity during the pandemic to take advantage of high federal estate tax exclusion limits and low tax rates and maximize your overall estate planning power.

Our senior manager Bryan Acuto explains how you can reassess your tax-saving approach during COVID-19.

Commercial and residential real estate owners can achieve significant tax deductions through cost segregation. Learn everything you need to know about it from our Partner Ryan Foley.

Did you know that there are significant federal and state tax credits available for a range of R&D activities? These credits, often in excess of six figures can provide you with critical cash to reinvest in your business.

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Support your organization through every part of the business cycle. Our unique approach helps achieve goals.

New regulations allow building owners to take substantial deductions. 

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