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How CPAs Can Attract - And Keep - More Clients

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Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are essential and trusted partners for businesses and business owners. They do critically important work preparing taxes and ensuring compliance for their clients.

But the reality is, working with so many clients whose needs change from quarter to quarter and year to year (alongside the ever-evolving tax code), and the rush to meet deadlines, we know that bandwidth becomes a real issue for many CPAs. It’s like that household project that you have all the tools you need to do it, but not the time.

It's part of why we put so much emphasis on partnering with CPAs at Cunningham & Associates. We were founded with a mission to help small businesses and their owners resolve complex tax problems and outstanding tax obligations. What better way to do that than helping our CPA friends build stronger relationships with their clients by augmenting their ability to offer the specialty tax advice that their clients are asking for?

How CPAs Can Benefit From Specialty Tax Partners

Specialized tax partnerships for CPAs can not only help retain a book of business but expand it. It’s like being given that extra time. And, having a trusted partner can substantially lower the risk of a client being lured away by a competitor.

Diversified Service Offerings

With a partner in place, CPAs can offer a range of services beyond tax preparation, such as tax planning, financial consulting, retirement planning, and investment advisory services. This also opens up opportunities to provide support in niche areas like international tax planning, estate planning, or industry-specific tax strategies to attract clients with unique needs.


Back to bandwidth. It’s not about skill or knowledge, it’s about time and the ability to do the additional research and analysis to be proactive. Many CPAs simply don’t have the time in the day after doing the work they need to focus on most urgently. Specialized tax partners can regularly review clients' financial situations and identify opportunities to minimize tax liability. And let's not forget that tax planning is a year-round endeavor. If you wait until the last minute or rush through it when faced with a major financial decision or a sudden tax law change, you risk missing opportunities and making costly mistakes.

According to Wasp Barcode, 41% of companies with 11-25 employees express dissatisfaction with their accountants' reactive approach. Additionally, timelines (37%) and lack of guidance (32%) are among the top three complaints. These business owners also feel that their accountants do not provide enough advice (27%) and fail to educate them (23%). Similar responses were obtained from owners of businesses employing 26-100 people.

Enhanced Tax Efficiency Analysis

Perform thorough tax efficiency assessments to assist clients in comprehending the potential effects of various financial decisions on their tax obligations. Offer valuable suggestions for optimizing tax benefits by strategically organizing investments, business transactions, and retirement plans.

Educate Your Clients

Stay better connected with your clients by providing regular updates on changes in tax laws, opportunities for tax savings, and best practices for managing their finances.

Stronger Client Relationships

Nurture deep connections with your clients by delivering exceptional customer service, promptly addressing their inquiries, and demonstrating a sincere concern for their financial welfare. A partner can help you take a more proactive approach to addressing their concerns quickly.

Networking and Referrals

The referral partnership can go both ways. For clients looking for tax preparation and compliance, we certainly refer to our CPA partners.

Client Success Stories

Better results mean better stories to tell to prospective clients. Showcase successful case studies and testimonials on your website and marketing materials to demonstrate your ability to deliver results. Highlight how alternative tax strategies have saved your clients money or helped them achieve their financial goals.

By offering a wide range of services, staying up-to-date with the latest tax laws, and providing tailored and proactive guidance, CPAs have the ability to attract and retain clients who are searching for innovative tax strategies to optimize their financial positions. These valuable partnerships have the power to disrupt the traditional CPA relationship and foster stronger connections with clients.

At C&A we help CPAs expand their service offering and build stronger, lasting relationships with their clients. Contact us to learn more.