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Water Treatment Company Uses Grant to Customize New ERP System



Water Service Company Workforce Training Fund General Grant

Small Water System Services, LLC (SWSS) is a water quality service company that was in need of training on their newly purchased ERP system. Cunningham & Associates obtained $50,000 using a General Grant through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program.

Setup of Custom ERP and Key Performance Indicators

Cunningham & Associates analyzed SWSS’s business systems and the overall workflow of the company. We were able to completely customize their newly purchased ERP platform to work exactly how SWSS needed it to work. Today they are able to invoice customers, run payroll, create custom work orders from both the office and the field, schedule and track work orders from conception to completion, and track key performance indicators through this customized ERP.

From Implementation to SOP

Cunningham & Associates was able to provide SWSS with everything they needed from setup to implementation to SOP. At the completion of this project, SWSS is now self-sustainable and much more efficient.


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