Plumbing and Heating Contractor Saves Over $120,000 with R&D Tax Credits

Many businesses are leaving money on the table. They often mistakenly believe they can’t use R&D Tax Credits because their employees aren’t in the science or technology fields. But that’s not true. R&D Tax Credits offer an avenue for increased savings for companies in all kinds of industries, including contractors. 

Finding new ways to save you money with R&D Tax Credits is one of our specialties at Cunningham and Associates. Here’s how we did it for a local contractor. 

The Client: A Plumbing and Heating Contractor

A plumbing and heating contractor from the greater Boston area with $3M annual revenue came to us for help with a specific tax strategy — R&D Tax Credits for design-build companies. 

The client had heard about how R&D Tax Credits could save them money from a colleague. We were more than happy to help our new client save on their taxes and use that money toward growing their business. 


First, we conducted a preliminary review of the client’s business tax returns at no cost. We found additional opportunities for tax savings during our research besides the R&D Tax Credit — entity optimization and accounting method changes. In light of this new information, we found it beneficial for the client to develop a full scope, addressing each new savings opportunity. 


Thanks to the preliminary review and the full scope, the client saved over $120,000 in R&D Tax Credits. Our work also enabled the client to realize additional tax savings through entity optimization and annual business tax credits. 

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