Machine Shop Achieves $75,000+ Tax Savings

Machine Shop Saves Over $75,000 With R&D Tax Credits

$2.3M – $2.7M Machine Shop Achieves $75,000+ Initial Tax Savings

Primary Activities: Company is prototypical machine shop with 40% repeat work and 60% new parts.

Machine Shop Qualifying Activities for R&D Credit

Qualifying activities for R&D credits include 3D modeling, machine design, CNC programming, engineering, value added design services, custom tooling, process improvement, LEAN / six sigma and quality initiatives.

R&D Tax Credit Strategy Total Impact

3 Year QREs Identified : $1,430,754
Estimated Annual – Forward $450,000 – $550,000

Total Initial Tax Impact = $75,000+ in tax savings
Estimated Annual – Forward = $18,000 – $25,000 annual tax savings

4:1 ROI

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