Increasing Your Enterprise Value and Growing Your Business

Video (47m)

Description: Many business owners examine their bank balances on a daily basis; however, how many of those business owners truly understand the value of their business at any given time? This webinar will demystify the drivers that contribute to an organization’s enterprise value. Whether you are looking to exit your business in the near future or have long-term plans for growth, understanding the factors that drive increased value are essential to effectively grow your business and hitting your goals.

During this session, you will work with presenters to complete a detailed assessment of your business. As a result, you will be provided with a customized report following the session that will outline where you need to focus in order to get the most out of your business!

What You Will Learn: 
1) The Importance of Identifying the Value of Your Business
2) Methods for Evaluating the Value of Your Business
3) Methods for Increasing the Value of Your Business

What You Will Leave With: 
1) An Estimated Calculation of Current Value for Your Business
2) An Estimated Gap Between Current Value and Potential Value
3) A Blueprint for Addressing Gaps in Value and Growing Your Business

Bryan Acuto, Sr. Manager, Finance & Transactions @ Cunningham & Associates
Derek Morrison, Manager, Training & Coaching @ Cunningham & Associates

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