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Glass Company Receives Express Grant and Achieves Profitability


Glass Company Workforce Training Fund Express Grant

S.I. Howard Glass Company has been around since 1912 and has been delivering high-quality glass products and precision glass fabrication services to customers in a wide range of industries. Cunningham & Associates obtained $15,000 using an Express Grant through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program.

Reaching Tax Planning and Profitability Goals

Cunningham & Associates worked with S.I Howard to help them reach their tax planning and profitability goals. This was done by providing an analysis of assets, debt, tax obligations, equity, and analysis of current shareholders’ basis, preparation of an FMV analysis, and designed and implemented an enhanced entity plan and balanced compensation plan.

New Entity Setup and Documentation Transfer

We also implemented a real estate analysis and plan, prepared initial transfer documentation and an initial setup of new entities and related services i.e. payroll, QuickBooks, etc… At the end of the Express Grant program S.I. Howard glass set itself up financially to take on any challenges due to future growth.


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