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Impactful 11th Hour Tax Strategies for 2023

Video (53m)

Description: Join Cunningham & Associates Managing Director, Tom Cunningham (MBA, EA) and Partner, Ryan Foley (MBA, CVA, EA) for a fun, focused one-hour discussion on steps you can take before AND AFTER 12/31 to reduce your 2023 taxes.
You’ll leave this session with tangible, actionable things you can do to save on your 2023 taxes, this is not a conceptual discussion.

Related Industries: Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Software

Target Audience: Business owners, Advisors

Top 5 Specialty Tax Strategies

On-Demand Webinar (18m)


Ryan Foley, the C&A Partner and Tax Enthusiast, covers the R&D credits and four other specialized tax strategies recommended by Cunningham & Associates that can help you save big on taxes. Don't miss out!

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