Tax Planning Strategies for Engineering Firms

Most, if not all, businesses will meet the qualification criteria, so don’t leave this money on the table.
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Are you in the Engineering industry? Do you know that the design and development activities of mechanical and electrical systems for new or improved systems are eligible for federal and state Research & Development Tax Credits?

Don’t leave money on the table. Learn more about current tax law guidelines for the Engineering industry from our partner Ryan Foley.

Did you know that there are significant federal and state tax credits available for a range of R&D activities? These credits, often in excess of six figures can provide you with critical cash to reinvest in your business.

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Common Engineering Activities That Qualify for R&D Credits

  • Value engineering
  • Conducting environmental design
  • Conducting sustainable design
  • Experimenting with new materials and technologies
  • Performing CAD modeling

Comprehensive Guide to R&D Tax Credits

rd tax credit guide

1 in 20 eligible companies take advantage of R&D Tax Incentive. This FREE guide contains an executive summary of the tax credit and industry-specific lists of common qualifying activities so you can take advantage of available opportunities.

Modern engineering requires a great deal of innovation. Firms may not realize that the design and development activities of mechanical and electrical systems for unique systems and structures may constitute qualified R&D activities, yielding significant R&D tax benefits.

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