Cunningham & Associates Saves Manufacturing Client Over 100,000 in Tax Credits

C&A specializes in providing methodical tax strategies for clients from various industries. Here is an example of how we’ve worked with a dental products manufacturer to develop a more prosperous tax plan suitable to their unique needs.

The Client’s Requirements

The client was referred to Cunningham & Associates by his CPA. He had recently completed a research and development tax credit study through a national firm. The manufacturer was hesitant to move forward with their proposal to continue supporting the credit calculation annually, as the national firm wanted to continue taking 1/3 of the credit as their fee. 

He needed a new, more cost-effective partner that would be easier to work with. The business owner’s CPA had worked with Cunningham & Associates  in the past and knew that we could develop a great proposal. He introduced and presented the client’s problem to our professionals.

Our Solution

C&A completed the 2020 credit calculation for a third of what the national firm would have charged. Our team was able to find some additional costs to increase the credit amounts, providing the dental manufacturer with more value than initially planned.

Besides the initial C&A credit calculation project, through this relationship, the C&A tax experts were also able to uncover another possibility in Employee Retention Tax Credits. This window of opportunity netted the business owner an extra $100k+. Suffice to say, this was a business owner thrilled with the work we could do for him.

Most businesses meet the qualification criteria for specific tax incentives. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact us right away to learn how we can help you find the best solutions to your unique taxation challenges. Reach out to us online or call (508) 797-5003.

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