Construction Company Tax Strategies, Training Programs and Consulting

Construction Tax Strategies, Training and Consulting

ABC Trains is an innovative collaboration between the ABC Massachusetts Chapter and Cunningham & Associates to help member companies grow and overcome business challenges through non-technical training.

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Common Construction Activities That Qualify for R&D Credits

  • Exploring means and methods and construction techniques
  • Preparing structure and facility design for constructibility
  • Developing and improving construction equipment development
  • Designing LEED/green initiatives
  • Designing HVAC/Mechanical systems¬†

Comprehensive Guide to R&D Tax Credits

rd tax credit guide

1 in 20 eligible companies take advantage of R&D Tax Credits. This FREE guide contains an executive summary of the tax credit and industry-specific lists of common qualifying activities so you can take advantage of available opportunities.

Many construction companies are unaware that the government offers generous incentive programs. Others are aware of the R&D Tax Credit, but fail to take full advantage due to misconceptions about the types of activities that qualify. The fact is that a broad range of common construction industry practices will qualify for the credit under the Internal Revenue Code’s definition of R&D.

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